Monday, July 22, 2019

Too many tabs! Mastering the many tasks of life, programming and entrepreneurship

I'm guilty!  Too many tabs all the time.  In my mind and in my browser.  But I just (finally!) found an amazing way to organize all those tabs (at least the ones in my browser).  I'm loving it so far so I thought I would share.  If you take a different approach, I'd love to hear it too.

What I love most of all about this is 
  1. I won't have to reorganize my tabs every morning to get myself ready to work!
  2. Tabs can be saved where I've left them (or moved somewhere else). Thus each section is essentially both a workspace and a reminder space. For example, seeing the 'Harvestapp' tab reminds me to log my time in Harvest.
  3. It is free (so far).  

This is a chrome extension called Workona.

p.s. -- I don't have a relationship to these folks, but I think they may have just changed my life, so sharing!  The reviews are solid -- check it out!

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