Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Designing Queries: A user interface challenge

Old problems never die, they just come back in new forms.

I'm working on how to design an extremely usable and flexible user interface for a query tool. The challenge is how to enable the user to write complex sql queries while scaffolding them in a way appropriate to their existing knowledge. This reminds me distinctly of the work Brian Reiser did with Anderson on visual programming languages -- a system I worked on part time in grad school. From this link I've come up with a couple citations and I may now have to invest in an ACM digital library membership (which I've never needed before) -- but these problems are hard enough to want to see what other people have done.

A graphical programming language for an intelligent LISP tutor. BJ Reiser

A teaching system for SQL

Dynamic queries for information exploration: an implementation and evaluation

I also came across this useful link summarizing Shneiderman's Eight Golden Rules

Any other suggestions?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Leaving a job you love...

Today is my last day at this job...
My new job is in a new city.
The headhunters still call, but I feel bitter about their calls, they should have called sooner, because now I have decided.
I am uncertain if it will work out.
Will I be able to shine in this new place?
Will it be fun?
Will my personal life interfere?
I can't wait to get there, but I don't want to leave here either.

They forgot to drop off my swag and for some reason, I really care.
They didn't invite me to the holiday party, and I am miffed, even though I'm leaving.
I really did love this job, but it was unrequited.
Time to move on.